Memorial Tribute by Richard L. Garwin:

"An Appreciation," by Richard Muller

"A Biographical Memoir," by W. Peter Trower

Books about Luis Alvarez: 
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  • T. Randall, Luis Walter Alvarez (Raintree, 2005). (for ages 9-14)
  • M. Venezia, Luis Alvarez: Wild Idea Man (Scholastic Library Pub, 2010). (for ages 9-12)

Additional Reading:
  • R. Muller, Nemesis, the Death Star: The Story of a Scientific Revolution (Weidenfeld & Nicholson, 1988).
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Honors and Awards:
Fellow of the American Physical Society (1939)
Collier Trophy of the National Aeronautics Association (1946)
Member of the National Academy of Science (1947)
Presidential Medal for Merit (1947)
Fellow of the American Philosophical Society (1953)
Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (1958)
California Scientist of the Year (1960)
Albert Einstein Award (1961)
National Medal of Science (1963)
Michelson Award (1965)
Nobel Prize in Physics (1968)
Member of the National Academy of Engineering (1969)
University of Chicago Alumni Medal (1978)
National Inventors Hall of Fame (1978)
Enrico Fermi award of the US Department of Energy (1987)
IEEE Honorary Membership (1988)